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All rights reserved. The non-commercial (academic) use of this software is free of charge. The only thing that is asked in return is to cite this software when results are used in publications.

QUESTION: I have some cool R code. Could you put it on your website?

ANSWER: Certainly! We welcome all suggestions for new R modules. You can submit your R code with this submission form: http://www.wessa.net/rmodules.wasp. Note that all submissions are subject to blind peer review. The Editor reserves the right to reject submissions.

QUESTION: Why do you display ads on this website?

ANSWER: We simply need to cover our hardware and bandwidth expenses. Without advertising or sponsoring we could not offer these services free of charge.

QUESTION: How do I create a Compendium of Reproducible Research? Where can I find more information about the Compendium Platform?

ANSWER: You just have to include the URLs of the archived computations in your document. You can view some examples of Compendia that are used for educational purposes here: http://www.freestatistics.org/index.php?action=10.

QUESTION: I want to store the output that was computed. How can I do that?

ANSWER: Use the new 'blog this' link that is displayed in the history list. This feature allows you to permanently store and publish your computation on our servers. You can reference the output by the use of a permanent (fixed) url. In addition, any visitor will be able to reproduce your computation with our software.

QUESTION: How can we check if the R servers are available/online?

ANSWER: In the right side panel there is a link 'Server status page'. It displays all the servers in our network and the current status, including some indication of performance.

QUESTION: How do I change the R code of a module?

ANSWER: In the right side panel you will see a link called 'Edit R Code' (only available for R modules). Any user can click that link to reload the module with the underlying R code ready to be edited and executed. Note: the changes you make will not be stored on our server.

QUESTION: How can I change the colors?

ANSWER: To switch colors you can click the hyperlinks ('Black&White' or 'Blue Theme') in the right panel (available in all screens).

QUESTION: How can I get the output in Word or Excel?

ANSWER: In most modules you can select the option to direct the output to Word or Excel (instead to the Browser = default). Please, note that the pictures are not stored within these Office applications. Instead the internet cache is used to temporarily store them. If you want to keep the pictures you have to use copy&paste.

QUESTION: I can't use the XML-RPC service anymore. Why?

ANSWER: This is a technical problem that we are unable to solve in the near future. Due to budget restrictions we have to carefully select our priorities: unfortunately XML-RPC is not a top-priority.

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